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    Post by Craig Hardie on Sat Jul 11, 2015 7:42 pm

    Assessment of B.B. King - The Thrill is Gone (solo improvisation)

    Well done Bob... You have come on quite a long way with your improvisation skills. You seem to be navigating up and down the pentatonic fretboard pattern without difficulty, and have developed a good ear for creating phrases using different rhythmic note values. You also clearly have begun to recognise where the "good sounding" notes are over each chord, and are targeting them effectively.

    1) Bends still sound a bit flat and weak. Try hooking the thumb over the neck a little to brace against the movement of your wrist. It would also help if you could engage your fretting hand index finger on the string for additional support. In addition, practice appropriate licks using bends with your index and second fingers, so that you have options besides that one bend lick which you use the most.

    2) Note timing needs work in places. Practice playing with each of the primary note values for 2 minutes straight without stopping. Pay particular attention to triplet note values.

    3) Work on developing your dynamic range. Playing softer/harder for emotional emphasis. Use the guitar's volume to increase drive or come down for a cleaner, softer sound. Trying playing with your guitar's pickup selection for more variety.

    4) Experiment with leaving space between phrases. Try dramatic pauses (try leaving space for longer than feels comfortable).

    5) Experiment with syncopation (playing off the beat) and staccato phrasing (placing emphatic rests between notes and phrases).

    6) Develop a more confident picking hand action for increased emotional quality. (I'll be covering this in class).

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