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    Post by Craig Hardie on Mon Apr 20, 2015 10:09 pm

    Assessment #2 of "Apache":

    Really nice work, Bob. Much of your phrasing has improved, and your sixteenth-note picking technique is much better. Here are my observations:

    1. Tendency to rush the 16th-note passages. A little more sensitivity to the tempo required, or else you may be experiencing "red light syndrome" and speeding up when you are performing / recording yourself. In any case, a good idea would be to continue practising these phrases at a range of faster and slower tempos than the recorded speed. Good to see that you appear to have mostly overcome the pick-dragging issue you were having.

    2. Intro solo: Phrases are often not starting when they should (ie. right on the beat), and are inconsistently timed both during the intro and outro to the song. I think you need to work first on timing each phrase to start bang on the beat (beat 2 in the bar, in this case). Instead of practising the whole part every time, divide it into lick #1 and lick #2, and practise playing each lick by itself in its correct place.

    3. During the verse parts when your hand is resting on the whammy bar I can hear occasional intonation problems (ie. notes sound flat). You need to keep all pressure off the bar when picking with the bar in your hand.

    4. Verse 2 phrasing: The staccato phrasing over the A-D chord part should not be continued during the Dm-G part; it should be played more like verse 1 here. (Check the TAB.)

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