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    Post by Craig Hardie on Fri Jan 02, 2015 5:40 am

    Assessment of acoustic rhythm part to Stairway To Heaven (up to the solo).

    Bob, you have made good efforts in learning this part, and your picking articulation is good and clear, with chords that are mostly well played considering your wrist issue.

    The principal weakness in this performance is due to irregular phrasing (note lengths and spaces between notes). I think this is partly due to you trying to play at performance speed whilst your fretting hand struggles to catch up with your picking hand, and I think partly due to an incomplete awareness of what the rhythmic phrasing of some of the parts should be. Here is what I propose you do next:

    1) Practice one section at a time along with the original recorded version, slowing the recording down with RiffStation or Transcribe. Keep your guitar unamplified so that as you play along you can hear the difference between your phrasing and the phrasing on the recording. Take note of any places where you're consistently making rhythmic errors (playing notes to soon or too late, or missing notes out) and work to correct these. Your ultimate aim is to be able to maintain this phrasing accuracy without reference to the recording or a click track, using only your internal sense of the beat.

    2) Work on your chord changes in isolation from the piece until your fretting hand catches up with your picking hand at full performance speed.

    3) Next time you perform the piece, play to a metronome click or backing track so that you have a way of externally monitoring your phrasing accuracy as you play through it.

    Note: The part just before the solo break is especially challenging to feel rhythmically, so work with Guitar Pro until it is in your auditory and muscle memory.

    Finally, you should find it easier to fret the G/B chord using fingers 2 & 4 rather than fingers 1 & 3, especially when playing it as a passing chord from C to Am or vice versa.

    Well done!

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