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    Craig Hardie

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    Post by Craig Hardie on Wed Oct 29, 2014 12:08 am

    Assessment of "Apache":

    You've made great improvements in several areas Bob, notably in dialling in the right tone on your equipment, appropriate use of pickup selection, and control of phrasing during the main theme. Here's a few areas that you should work on:

    1. 16th note passages. You tend to speed up when playing the 16th note riffs. Practice playing 16th note rhythm patterns to a metronome click at 3 different tempos, and (most importantly) listen closely to the beat as you play. Best idea is to record yourself doing this and review afterwards, noting where the pattern is consistent with the beat and where you are speeding up or slowing down against the beat. When you've assessed where this tends to happens, try to eliminate the error as you're playing, meaning you need to be constantly aware of when your playing is with the beat or drifting away from it.
    2. Your string bend in the intro phrase is consistently flat. Are you practicing string bends all over the B string? Are you strong enough to over-bend should you wish to do so? Try to consistently reach a semi-tone or whole-tone bend on-demand, anywhere on this string. Practice on the G-string too, which is a little easier.
    3. Your phrasing on the intro solo is a little inaccurate, with individual phrases falling a little early. Perhaps you are overcompensating for the slow bent note by rushing into the following phrase? Why not practice this part using a slide instead of a bend just to sort out the phrasing, so that notes are falling in the correct place against the beat. Then see if you can reproduce it using the bend as written.
    4. Slide. The slide up to the 5th fret E string in the intro lick isn't quite reaching the fret, which causes the note to "fret out" before you really make it.
    5. At 00:31 fret the note with the tip of your ring finger, not pushing flat.
    6. Second verse at 01:32; Your picking hand is creating resistance when playing the 16th note verse riff here. You appear to be using correct downward pick slanting but either you are gripping the pick too tightly or you may need to roll your picking hand down a little more so that the pick glides over the string instead of snagging.

    Over all, it sounds really good. The bridge particularly is very well executed with good tone and phrasing. Well done.

    Bob Bates

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    Post by Bob Bates on Wed Oct 29, 2014 5:57 am

    Thanks for the feedback. Some useful tips here to work on since I was stuck on how to improve.


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