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    Post by Craig Hardie on Thu Dec 03, 2015 12:49 am

    Assessment of Megadeth - Angry Again

    Very good performance of a great track, Simon. Your phrasing and timing is mostly tight and accurate throughout except towards the end of the second chorus where you terminated the recording. Since you used a TAB that you found elsewhere, I am glad to say that the parts sound correct to the recorded version.

    The one area of weakness I picked up is the upper note (string) in your diad (two-string) chords becoming lost or buried by the note on the string below. This could be due to either:
    a) Your picking hand not following through consistently on the upper string with the same intensity, or
    b) Your fretting hand muting the upper string

    It's worth noting that Dave Mustaine (unusually for metal players) deliberately plays a lot of his chords with upstrokes (watch him closely live to notice when he does this) to generate immediacy and attack in the upper registers of his rhythm parts. Personally, I would not necessarily choose to play the song like this, but you could experiment with upstroking some of your chords if you find the upper note/s becoming consistently lost.

    Well done with this. I look forward to hearing you do a full song play-through, perhaps next month? Consider recording a solo for an assessment too, if there are any you are currently working on.

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