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    Post by Craig Hardie on Sun Feb 08, 2015 3:28 am

    Assessment on classic riffs.

    Overall... Very well done, Hayden! I hear some definite improvement this week. Here's some things you can still work on:

    Wishing Well -- Good phrasing. Watch your string-hitting accuracy (one note error on the second run-through).

    Whole Lotta Rosie -- You're doubling the first note at the beginning of the riff and allowing the last note to sustain into the second measure instead of muting it. I cannot hear a backing beat here, Hayden, which may account somewhat for the inaccurate phrasing. If you've been practising with Guitar Pro, I suggest you play to a metronome when recording yourself. What you can do is play to a looped metronome click on Guitar Pro whilst muting the other tracks.

    Sunshine Of Your Love -- Phrasing all good. Your last note isn't vibrato though, it's a bent note. Practise vibrato on a single note, and make sure after you bend the string that it always returns to neutral pitch.

    Smoke On The Water -- Excellent. Well done!

    Black Night -- You're playing the wrong notes here Hayden, although your phrasing is well executed, with a nice swing feel. Look again at the note sequence and then practise with Guitar Pro at 50% speed.

    Open power chord workout (3 strings) -- This sounds pretty good. The speed of your chord changes has improved. You've added two extra chords though between bars 3 and 4. You might want to look again at memorising the chord sequence in those two bars and recalling from memory.

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